Election e-ATLAS Dashboard

Election e-ATLAS : The Modules


e-ATLAS Spatial Dashboard is an unique initiative of the Centre. The
e-ATLAS was conceptualized based on the requirements and guidelines defined by respective Chief Electoral Officers of states and the application has been developed using open source software and standards for wider and free accessibility.

Pre Poll

For Understanding the spatial distributions and detail information of Polling Stations, Locating these Polling stations based on combination of multi filtering approaches with regard to Districts, Constituencies, metrics relevant to Assured Minimum Facilities, Proximity to other infrastructures, voter counts etc

On Poll

The live status of voting counts for every Polling Stations, Visualization of instant reported events for Incidents/ EVM/ VVPAT malfunction posted via App and their reporting etc

Post Election

Allows for Updations of Polling Stations, Analysis of voting trends, Spatial planning of Polling Station locations

Mobile App

e-ATLAS mobile app for capturing and instant reporting ofdisruptive Incidents and real time alerts for EVM/VVPAT malfunction and their reporting via e-ATLAS dashboard.


The tracking app allows for real time location tracking for important election officials such as sector officers, flying squads and static squads. Tracking application was successfully utilized to track more than 800 officials preceding and during the Election Day.

Major highlights