About e-Atlas

Update Data

The database can be updated on real time by the authorised users. Once updated, the collective status and statictics can be visualize on the dashboard.

Live Poll Monitoring

Election activities can be monitored near real time using Live dashboard.

Election Planning

The most comprehensive dashboard for planning and monitoring election activities. Spatial visualization of election data & multidimensional query. Interactive Visualization of Spatial Distribution of Percentage of Voting.

Mobile App

Collect data using mobile app.

Contact Us

North Eastern space Applications Centre (NESAC),
Department of Space, Govt of India
Shillong – 793103, Meghalaya.
Phone: 0364-2308702
Email : director@nesac.gov.in

Nagaland GIS & Remote Sensing Centre(NGISRSC),
Kohima, Nagaland 797004
Tele: 0370 227 1007


NESAC/NGISRSC is not responsible for any inadvertent error that may have crept in the web pages being published on NET. The website published on net are for immediate information to the public. For any clarification, please contact CEO, Nagaland